Wednesday, March 23, 2016

March Cartoon Gospels

Lectionary for this Month (cartoon quick links):


Old Testament

New Testatment


2/28/16 Exod 3:1-15 ICor 10:1-13 Luke 13:1-9 
3/6/16 Joshua 5:9-12 IICor 5:16-21 Luke 15:1-3,11-32 
3/13/16 Isa 43:16-21 Phil 3:8-14 John 12:1-8 
3/20/16 Isa 50:4-9a Phil 2:5-11 Luke 22:14-23:56
alt: Luke 19:28-40
3/27/16 Isa 65:17-25 ICor 15:19-26 John 20:1-18 

Weekly Cartoon Gospel - 3/27/16 - Easter

John 20:1-18


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Leave it to John to weave a very involved tale of intrigue. Mary finds the tomb empty, reports it to the disciples and they come to check it out. Presumably John reaches the tomb first, but Peter goes in first, then John. In some narrative interpretations of this, Peter represents authority - which goes in first, but John represents the heart which is necessary for understanding. At any rate they leave only understanding that the tomb is empty. Mary stays behind and recongizes Jesus when he calls her by name, then she reports this back to the disciples. For John, this is the beginning of their understanding of who Jesus was. Another homework assignment - compare Matthew, Mark, Luke and John for similarities and differences.

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