Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cartoon Gospel for September - Enjoy!

Lectionary for this Month (cartoon quick links):


Old Testament

New Testatment


Sunday 9/1 Ezek 18.1-9,25-29 Heb 13.01-08 Luke 14.1-14 
Sunday 9/8 Ezek 33.1-11 Philem 01-12 Luke 14.25-33 
Sunday 9/15 Hos 4.1-03,5.15-6.6 ITim 01.12-17 Luke 15.1-10 
Sunday 9/22 Hos 11.01-11 ITim 02.01-07 Luke 16.1-13 
Sunday 9/29 Joel 2.23-30 ITim 06.06-19 Luke 16.19-31
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Hos 4:1-6:6

Luke 15:1-10

Luke 14:25-33 

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